In 2014 I was running on empty. Weaning my daughter, exhausted and busier than ever. I was completely nutrient deficient. What I was looking for was something nutritious but absolutely delicious and super easy but it was not out there.” Leonie Lynch Juspy Founder

“Being healthy is about being good to yourself. Being true to yourself and honouring the changing moments in your life. Recognising each moment of joy, adding them together to be happy just being you..”


I wanted someone to do the thinking for me. To shop for me and prepare nourishing food for me. To feed me would have been a push but I definitely dreamed about it some days. Health became a core. Food became guilt because I was making bad choices.


Working as a movement coach and a general health nut, I know a lot about nutrition but at this particular moment in my life I was just too tired to care. To get goodness in takes effort and sometimes you just don’t have the time or energy.


In 2016, pregnant again, I became hyper-focused about creating Juspy to satisfy my need for sweet nourishment. One year later, our divine product was given the gold star by my 91 grandmother. A chocolate lover who loves butter and cream and still licks her finger and dips it into salt. The queen thinks Juspy is pure indulgence and has no idea its healthy!